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The Laworder concerning Internet development and application is strong in movement, through which clarity doesn't always exist, what is legally allowed and remains area for own interpretation. Therefore, it can happen that, despite our diligence and our upright intentions, a copyright-possessor thinks that his/its rights are injured.
In this case, one asks for contact-reception.

If the hardship is justifiable, we will remove the game from so soon as possible. The experience has shown us that this process-manner works successfully.

Liability-exclusion / Disclaimer

1. content of the on-line-offer
The author adopts no assurance for the topicality, correctness, wholeness or quality of the prepared information. Liability-claims against the author, which refer to damages of material or ideal type, that was caused through the utilization or not-utilization of the offered information as well as through the utilization of faulty and incomplete information, are in principle impossible provided no demonstrably willful or roughly negligent fault is available on the part of the author. All offers are subject to change and not binding. The author keeps it itself expressly before, to change parts of the sides or the entire offer without separate announcement, to supplement, to delete or to put in the publication at times or finally.

2. referrals and left
With direct or indirect referrals on foreign Webside left  that lie outside the responsibility-area of the author, a liability-obligation would step exclusively in the case in strength, in which the author of the contents has knowledge and would be technically possible and reasonable it him/it, to prevent the utilization in the case of illegal contents. The author explains hereby expressly that the corresponding pathed sides were freely to the time of the Path from illegal contents. On the current and future formation, the contents or the paternity of the pathed sides, the author has no influence. Therefore, he/it dissociates himself/itself from all contents of all pathed sides, that were changed after the Path, hereby expressly. This observation is applied to finished within the own Weboffers sedate left and referrals. For illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and alone the supplier of the side, on which was referred, is liable especially for damages, that originate from the utilization or not-utilization of of this sort offered information, not the one, that over left on the respective publication merely refers.

3. originator - and mark-right
The author is striving to heed the copyrights of the used charts, Tonedocumente, movie-sequences and writes in all publications to use produced charts, Tonedocumente, movie-sequences and writes from him/it or to fall back on license-free charts, Tonedocumente, movie-sequences and writes. All within the Weboffers named and is fully subject to the regulations of the in each case valid mark-right and the property-rights of the respective registered owners if necessary through third protected brands - and trademarks. On the basis of the bare designation alone, the end is not to be pulled that trademarks through rights are not protected third! The copyright for published, from the author himself produced objects remains with the author of the sides alone. A duplication or application of such charts, Tonedocumente, movie-sequences and writes in other electronic or printed publications is allowed not without express consent of the author.

4. legal-effectiveness of this liability-exclusion
This liability-exclusion is to be viewed as part of the Weboffers, from which from on this side was referred. Provided not parts or individual formulations of this writes of the current legal status, no longer or not completely should correspond to, the remaining parts of the document remain untouched in her/its/their content and her/its/their validity of it.

5. explanation
With judgment of the 12. May 1998 has adjudicated the country-court Hamburg that if necessary one through the preparation of a left the contents of the pathed side with, to be responsible, has. This can be prevented only by it that one dissociates itself from these contents expressly. Therefore the following explanation, that refers to all sides of,: Hereby, the authors dissociate themselves from all contents on sides expressly, to which one over left, banners or Seeksform of our Website can reach. For the correctness of the Seeksresults, that is decided on the offered Seeksform, we can adopt no assurance and liability. This is applied also to the Seeksform, for the one 100%ige availabilities cannot be guaranteed.

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